Govt to fast track promotions for civil servants
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009 @ 06:54:41 CDT
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NAIROBI (KNA) - The Government has introduced an innovative  program to fast track the promotion of outstanding civil servants.

Solicitor General Wanjuki Muchemi said Thursday that the initiative dubbed the "High-Flier Scheme" would be a near instant reward scheme to good performance as opposed to the long-held career progression model where civil servants had to complete a mandatory minimum three years on a given job group in order to qualify for promotion.

Mr. Muchemi was addressing 65 new state counsels who have joined the office of the Attorney General when they completed a two-week induction course at Multi-Media University College.

He said the High-Flier initiative which will operate alongside the performance contract programme in public institutions will radically transform the civil service by eliminating unnecessary stagnation of workers on one job group while identifying non-performers who rely on the number of years served to advance in their careers.

Performance appraisal

He said action will be taken against consistent poor performers including warnings or termination of employment.

The high-fliers will be gleaned from the performance appraisal, an annual exercise which rates the fulfillment of set targets in employees work plan.

Noting that the public service is a pace-setter and catalyst for other sectors of the economy Mr. Muchemi said the Government will continue to invest in the training and capacity building of all public servants.

He said members of the public are entitled to access non-confidential information on the operations and activities of the public service as since the public servants first duty is to them.

He said the Government had also introduced a succession management scheme to ensure continuity in the service, undisturbed by retirement or other personnel changes.


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