EU naval force releases pirated Kenyan dhow
Date: Friday, September 24, 2010 @ 18:05:53 CDT
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NAIROBI,  (Xinhua) --The European Union anti-piracy force said late Friday it has released a pirated Kenyan dhow and arrested 14 people on board off the eastern coast of Somalia for interrogation.

EU Naval Force spokesman John Harbour said the EU NAVFOR Spanish ship SPS Galicia's boarding team approached a Kenyan dhow, off the eastern coast of Somalia after raising suspicions.

"Suspicions were first raised when the dhow was observed towing 2 skiffs," Habour said.

He said "After investigating the dhow, the boarding team of SPS Galicia found in total 14 people on board. It transpired that there were nine crew members and one Somalian translator being held by 4 suspected pirates," Harbour said.

He said all 14 people were transferred to the EU NAVFOR Spanish ship SPS Galicia for further investigation. Thee Horn of Africa nation's coastline is considered one of the world's most dangerous stretches of water because of piracy. Somalia is at the entrance to the Gulf of Aden, which leads to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, one of the world's most important shipping channels.

The country has been plagued by factional fighting between warlords and hasn't had a functioning central administration since the 1991 ouster of former dictator Mohammed Siad Barre. 

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