Kenya PM tells off MPs over interference
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 17:28:30 CDT
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NAIROBI - Prime Minister Raila Odinga has told Members of Parliament to play their rightful oversight role and avoid interfering with the technical experts in the implementation of works in the constituency.

The Premier lamented that unnecessary interferences in awarding of tenders and the procurement process led to delays and non utilization of allocated funds.

He was speaking in Nairobi on Tuesday when he presided over a meeting between Members of Parliament (MPs) and the Ministry of Roads officials on the implementation of the amended Kenya Roads Board Act 1999.

 "Let us allow the authority's technical officers the necessary space to execute their functions and play their role as envisaged in the reforms'' he advised.

He added "by mobilizing resources to the rural areas for development and rehabilitation of infrastructure, the government is creating a positive environment in which the majority of our people can participate in economic activities and uplift the quality  of their lives.''

Raila called for prudent use of public funds allocated towards road improvement so that the country gets a high-quality road network to facilitate faster economic growth.

The Premier said that roads are critical in enabling access to essential goods and services without which there can be no meaningful development.

He noted that whooping Kenya shillings 100 billion has been allocated to the roads sub-sector in the current financial year which is a clear testimony to the importance the government attaches to roads.

Raila said that the government was carrying out reforms in the roads sub-sector to increase efficiency.

‘'The creation of different institutions to handle different aspects of our roads was meant to create efficiency, not more bureaucracy, duplication or standstill''. said the Premier.

He cited the Amended Kenya Roads Board Act, 1999 which created the Roads Maintenance Levy Fund that has enabled remarkable improvement in the state of roads especially in the rural areas.

The Act has also been instrumental in the replacement of district roads committees with constituency roads committees, created constituency roads tender committees as well as constituency roads funds accounts.

‘'These changes were timely and in line with the government's policy of ensuring that wanainchi participate actively in making decisions on issues that affect them''.He said.

The PM explained that the bulk of Kenyans- over 80 per cent, live in the rural areas and the government was deliberately investing in these areas to spur development.

He revealed that the government has set aside an amount in the tune of 19milion Kenya shillings for each constituency this year for roads.

This amount is set to increase significantly "'with the projected increase in fuel levy collections in the coming financial year, 2010/2011'' the Prime Minister said.

He called on participants to come up with recommendations that guarantee proper use of resources to address the gap between the infrastructure that is on the ground and the infrastructure that is needed. 

Source: KBC/PMPS

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