Kenyans urged to unite in support of the new constitution
Date: Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 17:18:59 CDT
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MACHAKOS - President Mwai Kibaki has affirmed that the Government will spare no efforts to ensure that every citizen is conversant with the contents of the proposed constitution to allay unnecessary fears among wananchi.

Addressing a mammoth crowd at the Machakos Sports ground today, President Kibaki said that every Kenyan has a right to be acquainted with the contents of the new law ahead of the referendum scheduled for August 4th.

During the occasion the Head of State urged Kenyans to remain united and pursue peaceful co-existence despite the competitive campaigns being conducted in the country.

The President asserted that the contents of the proposed constitution are straightforward and understandable and urged Kenyans to read the document.

Thanking various leaders who addressed the occasion, President Kibaki stated that the forum had formed a thorough civic process of immense benefit to wananchi.

He expressed confidence that a new dawn of building a modern nation and attaining economic prosperity would be achieved once a new constitutional order was put in place.

Speaking during the same forum, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga said that the leaders attending the forum represented the face of Kenya, adding that the opponents of the new constitution have always acted as a hindrance to change for many years.

He said that Kenyans from all parts of the country are in support of the proposed constitution because of the immense benefits that the country would reap upon its enactment.

The unity of the three leaders and supported by leaders from all parts of the country was evidence enough that the new constitution was good for the nation, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the issues raised by opponents of the new constitution were misplaced and of no consequence to Kenyans but were clearly intended to confuse and deny wananchi the many beneficial reforms intended to midwife a new order in the country.

Devolution, abortion, land and Kadhi courts are among issues cited by the opponents of the proposed constitution but the Prime Minister said the facts outlined in the new law were being manipulated to mislead Kenyans.

He affirmed that the new constitution would comprehensively deal with critical challenges that have afflicted the nation since independence particularly poverty, ignorance and diseases.

On his part the Vice-President asserted that the country had suffered enough through leadership wrangles and that all leaders had resolved to unite in purpose to enable the country usher in a new dawn.

The VP said that all political differences have been buried especially after the post election violence, adding that leaders come and go hence the need to install strong institutions.

He said the new constitution was not a government project but the project of Kenyan people to ensure they enjoyed improved living standards through creation of sufficient job opportunities that have been guaranteed in the document.

Mr. Musyoka said Kenyan lawyers under the aegis of the Law Society of Kenya have supported the new law thus affirming that the proposed law is good for the nation.

He asked the area residents to join Kenyans from other parts of the country in passing the new law.

The VP also assured wananchi that the maize issue would be comprehensively addressed by the Government to ensure farmers are compensated for their hard work that made them achieve a bumper harvest. He said there was need to give farmers incentives to ensure the country achieve food security.

Hon. Musyoka said he had confidence that the Government would make interventions to protect the farmers not only in the region but in the entire country.

He said that the cosmopolitan Machakos district would become the centre of professional services as evidenced in the Government's programme of establishing a cyber city.

The VP emphasized that President Kibaki had evidently revealed that he was a highly tolerant leader who has brought together leaders of different political background to unite the entire nation for the benefit of current and future generations.

Leaders who addressed the occasion acknowledged that the new constitution would usher in a new dawn in the management of public affairs and governance especially equitable development of all parts of the country.

They asserted that entrenched cultures of handouts, begging particularly among disadvantaged regions and segments of the society that suffer severe climatic conditions would be addressed comprehensively.

Kenyans, observed the leaders, would enjoy various fundamental rights such as access to safe water, food, education, medical services and right to privacy under the proposed constitution.

The leaders drawn from all parts of the country stated that the new constitution would free Kenyans from chains of poverty, ignorance and diseases since 15 per cent of all national resources will be channeled to the grassroots

Over 20 cabinet ministers and legislators attended the successful rally.

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