VP asks Kenyans to be vigilant
Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010 @ 18:02:20 CST
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NYERI - Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has asked Kenyans to be vigilant and shun some leaders whom he said were out to scuttle the country's efforts to get a new constitution.

Terming them "anti-reformers" Mr. Musyoka said such people will not be allowed to use diversionary tactics to derail the course the drive to the new dispensation had taken.

He said Kenyans had patiently sought after the new dispensation for long, hence no one should be allowed to derail the gains made, regardless of his station in life.

"This year Kenyans must have the new dispensation and no one would be allowed to divert them from that course whatsoever" Mr. Musyoka said. Mr. Musyoka was addressing thousands of scouts who had assembled at the Kimathi University College of Technology during celebrations to mark the movements Founders Day.

Meanwhile, business in the town came to a standstill as the scouts, led by Mr. Musyoka who is also the Commissioner General and the Chief Scout Francis ole Kaparo made their way from the historical Outspan hotel in the outskirts of the town in a procession stretching kilometers to lay wreaths at the site where the founders, Lord Baden Powel and Lady Octava Baden Powel are buried in the centre of the town.

Others in the procession included Assistant minister Kabando wa Kabando, Nyeri Regional senior coordinator Anne Ngetich, Nyeri DC Michael Mwangi,  among other local leaders and representatives from several other countries.

Addressing the group at the college's playground Sunday, Mr. Musyoka urged the youth to engage themselves in activities that promote their wellbeing citing sports, charity, community service and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Musyoka said the Government was committed to creating more job opportunities for the youth through Youth Enterprise Fund and Kazi Kwa Vijana as one way of improving their living standards.

"I am sure it is through engagement in productive activities that the youth can stay away from destructions that lead to hopelessness and despondency,'' said Mr. Musyoka.

He stressed the important role scouting plays in moulding responsible citizens and urged the movement to strive to register as many new members as possible.

"I am convinced that if all the youth were scouts, our country would be free of corruption, tribalism and environmental degradation", he added and encouraged parents to allow their children to join the movement.

The VP expressed concern that there were many challenges facing the youth at the moment citing the HIV/Aids pandemic, peer pressure, poverty, unemployment and drugs as well as substance abuse.

The VP also recognized the role played by scouts in the conservation of the environment, saying all scouts will be expected to plant 20 million trees in the next three years in their homes, institutions and water towers to mitigate the effects of climate change in the country.

"There will also be a peace caravan traversing the entire country to preach messages of peace to all Kenyans,'' added the VP.

Mr. Francis Kaparo on his part urged politicians to be good role models to be emulated by the youth by shunning politics of hatred, dishonesty and insults.

He said Kenyans are fed up with the devise politics' in the country which he added should be stopped for the sake of the younger generation.

Mr. Kabando disclosed that the ministry of Youth and Sports will spend Kshs. 40 million towards sponsoring the World Scouts Moot set for August this year.

Source: VPPS

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